Maintaining Brand Awareness: Learning From Air Jordan

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“If people believe they share values with a company, they will stay loyal to the brand.” – Howard Schultz

Air Jordan is among the most succees brand under Nike’s. Established in 1984, Air Jordan both branding and marketing boosted in just three years. Started from basketball sneakers, now Air Jordan sold many kind of apparels including shirts, track and field shoes. From sponsoring one of basketball’s superstar, Michael Jordan, to so many sportsmen, including from motor sports. After 35 years, Air Jordan is still on top of the world in apparels business. How could they do that?

Overcome Challenges

Air Jordan had to face big challenge before celebrating its first birthday. The colour of the shoes wore by Michael Jordan was violating the NBA rule of play. According to the rule the sneaker should have been 51% white, but the shoes itself mostly red and black. The Air Jordan wasn’t going to step back or change the shoes colour.

They were able to overcome the odds into their favors. They continued to sale the product and the audiences, especially young men, appreciated it. They imagined themselves as little renegade by wearing those shoes, and they were proud because of it.

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Larger challenges also came from overseas. Since the Air Jordan produced in several factories outside of USA, problems including poor labor conditions occured. It was not an easy task and require insights to handled the issues properly. After some time, Air Jordan (and Nike in the process) was able to deal with the issues without losing much credibility. 

Sponsoring Top Basketball Players

Born as basketball sneaker, Air Jordan’s main product is still basketball sneakers. They continue to sponsoring top basketball players especially NBA athletes. By sponsoring those athletes, Air Jordan products will have a spot in audience’s mind. The athletes also received benefits from the contract they got with Air Jordan. Beside fortunes, the contract also boosted their confident because Air Jordan always involved around top players. Only players with consistent good perfomance on stage and popularity approached by Air Jordan. Recently the NBA players that signed contract with Air Jordan are Russel Westbrook, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, and Jimmy Butler.

Sponsoring Sports Beside Basketball

People with a great passion and excitement for sports tend to tune in more than one sports in their daily live. For example, people would like to invest their interest in basketball, football, baseball, and soccer simultaneously. To make Air Jordan more often flashing in people’s mind, Air Jordan had to keep active enough by kept being relevant to people activities, even though it does not have direct correlations.

This strategy proved its effectiveness by the increased awareness of Air Jordan’s products to the audience’s mind. In United States, Air Jordan involves in several most popular sports, including the top league of American football, baseball, car races, and female NBA. In Europe, Air Jordan sponsoring a French soccer club, Paris Saint Germain.

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Maintaining brand awareness is definitely a crucial thing for your brand’s progress. By doing so, your brand would be able to do much more now that people recognizing it. Interested in more articles like this? Click here to find out tips and tricks related to branding!


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