A New Brand Strategy Your Company Should Try!

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“Your brand is so much more than what you sell.” – Jon Iwata

Brand strategy is a plan of a company to make their brand easily identified by consumer. This plan is filled with long-term goals that are achievable by all of the company components. Brand strategy is all of the company components’ work, a strategy will not be a good one if it is only worked by one person or team. This might be strange for a big company, especially the ones that has a lot number of workers. But let’s see it from the other side’s perspective, shall we?

A big company is surely run by all of their components. The management team’s job is to arrange the goals of the company, decides others’ job descriptions, and other management’s jobs. The next level runs the job description and make sure it works. Meanwhile, the workers must do their job as listed in the job description. 

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Other way to run a company is by letting the workers contribute into the making of the company’s brand strategy. Not all of the workers are unable to give ideas, all of them have the same chance and freedom of speech to speak their opinion.


Some of them may have a great idea because they have been working on it in all the work hours. The workers could also contribute their opinion in the obligation part about their job and responsibility. Of course, this step will need a meeting and further discussion, but at least the management will know and can maintain their workers better.

This contribution can also rejuvenate the workers. They’ll work in a brand new spirit, because they know they’re not only a worker, but also a part of the business run, in any way. This contribution chance will also be given to the other level workers and managers. When all of the company components have tangled in by their contributions, the company will surely run in a different and better way for its future.

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