Proven Ways To Improve Your Sells!

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How to improve sells? Well, it is not all about your marketing strategy, but it takes an ultimate relationship with customer and brand recognition which is crucial to maintaining. So, the next question is how to achieve that?

The relationship that built between the customer and the feelings that customer receives towards the brand describe brand resonance. As the example, Harley-Davidson and e-Bay that shows their brand as one of high resonance.

Still confused? Okay, let’s put it more simply to make you deeply understand this. Resonance according to Kelly Lane Keller is the depth of the physiological bond between customers and the brand, these include the level of loyalty which customers seek out for the brand’s information and events.

To achieve brand equity, we need to learn the brand resonance deeply. Brand resonance itself divided into four categories:
1. Behavioral Loyalty
Reliability can be measured by repeat purchases and share of category volume which related the most with the brand. How often and how much the customers purchase your brand is crucial. The brands must generate enough purchasing frequency.

2. Gesture Attachment
Your customer sees your brand or product in a particular way when they purchase it. The personal attachment means significant engagement between the customer that turns into love and the brand.

3. Sense of Community
Your customers can feel a sense of community when they purchase or wear it. It feels like they wear the same item and share the same interest towards a brand that makes it unique. For example, imagine that you buy Nike shoes and wear it while jogging in the morning. Then you saw others who wear the same brand as you. Somehow it makes you feel like he is part of you, and you guys are part of a general community that wears the same brand to working out. Isn’t it?

4. High Engagement
This is one of the examples of brand loyalty where customers are actively involved with your brand. What makes it interesting is because they are still loyal even they are not purchasing or consuming it. Like joining the club or following your brand on social media.

These are four categories of brand resonance. Now after understanding the types, your primary goal is to strengthen each resonance category to increase your sell and brand at the same time. Don’t forget to ask yourself how to reward or satisfy loyal customers. Good luck!


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