The Secret Recipe of Building a Successful Brand

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Everything in this world has beginnings, including the big brands you see everywhere. Microsoft, the multinational mega-brand also started from scratch, and more uniquely, the founder, Bill Gates dropped out from Harvard, one of the most famous universities in the world. The dropout gave up on school and focuses on building his brand. And as the result, the mighty Microsoft you see today.

The most used search engine, Google also started from scratch. The founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, were college students when they founded Google.


Source: mashable

Microsoft, Google, and many other big brands did start from the bottom. There are no true beginnings, and it applies to everybody, including entrepreneurs. The big brands you see today fought their way to the top with all their might. The big brands do have something in common that makes them able to become so big, and this is what they have in common:

1. The ability to stand out. The perfect example for this one is Coca-cola. The brand stands out perfectly that people can easily distinguish a Coke from any other cola drinks from far away.

2. The ability to work together as a team. Many brands and companies fail to reach the top because of high ego and individuality in the enterprise. Successful companies usually consist of people that value the company dearly, where they always think to do and build something together as a team.

3. Have high standards on talent. Having a good teamwork is good, but having talented people work together and creates collaboration is even better. This means, big brands don’t usually compromise with people with no talent, as they always focus on the establishment of the most valuable product by working with talented people. And the last but not the least,

4. The ability to create excellent products. This goes without saying, as the most valuable brands are always capable of creating unique products that people love.

Make sure to apply these tips to help you build a successful brand. Consult with us for more insights.


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