Secrets about Brand Packaging

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You can deliver your product to your customers in a cool fashion by thinking of a good way of packaging your brand.

Brand packaging is the process involved in designing, producing, wrapping, and covering a product by using containers or wrappers. The activity of packaging a product has been around since the early times of humans. Early humans used leaves, animal hides, a basket made of reeds, and wooden barrels, etc. to protect and carry water and food.

Egyptians created glass containers to cover their food in 2000 BC, and later, Napoleon created a contest to find a better way to preserve foods and even awarded 12,000 francs to the winner of the competition. This means humans have always been thinking of a way to maintain their food.

As time goes, people creatively utilize the use of packaging. Not only to preserve food, people these days can maximize the use of packaging;

  • to protect a product from microorganisms, air, or toxins that can possibly ruin the product,
  • to facilitate product transportation,
  • to help consumers identify the product,
  • to ease the stacking and storage process,
  • and to aid product consumption.

Brand packaging should meet the requirements as written above to satisfy the consumers. You usually wouldn’t want to go out to buy new furniture for your house that doesn’t fit in your car, would you? IKEA created an innovation by producing and selling ready-to-assemble furniture which is firstly unassembled and puts it into a package, and once the customers buy it and get home, they can self-assemble the furniture. IKEA succeeded to facilitate product transportation and ease the stacking and storage process by using this way of brand packaging.

The brand packaging itself has always been improved over the years, proven by lots of innovation of food packages that are resealable, tamperproof, easy to open, easy to hold, and even squeezable. Happydent applies this innovation, and creates a resealable container for their chewing gum, making yourself able to close the cap once you’re done picking out the gums.

Finally, we can conclude that good packaging not only attracts consumer but also ensures the safety of your product that increases the credibility of your brand as well.


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