How to Create Social Media Branding

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“Social Media is about the people! Not about your business. Provide for the people and the people will provide for you.” – Matt Goulart

Social media is ending up to be one of the most effective tools to raise your brand name. Once social networks branding strategy is done correctly, it will help you connect to your target audience with very ideal method.

Social media branding might seem easy to be done, but in fact it’s actually isn’t.. It plays a crucial role of your company’s marketing if it is done in a major social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. We’ve gathered for you several tips, a step-by-step, in how to create social media branding.

Choose The Right Platform

Different platform may set a different result. In fact, every platforms have their own characteristics. In order to get the right results, you will need to find out and identify your target audience, their interests and how you can provide the content they want. It will be very hard for you to create the right branding strategy if you didn’t know the characteristics of each platform.

For example, Facebook is more suitable for all kind of audience and it gives you a chance to sharing text, image, video and several links. In the other hand, Pinterest is more suitable for young adults, women, and crafter audience and it will be great if you use image in every post. Seeing from that example alone, we can tell that each platform has its own different type of market.

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This needs to be kept in mind since even the best contents will not deliver if they’re not given to the right audience. Once you comprehend this, it will be simple for you to pick a social media that assists you accomplish your branding goals.

Create Persona

It would be very unpleasing if your visitor find some differences on some of your social media platform. They might be unwilling to engage with the brand. Therefore, consistency is the key(Be creative! You can choose whether to use color palette or use same avatar). In addition, every conversational language work well on every social media. Just keep it professional and authentic to make your brand natural.

Post Regularly

How often your brand interact with your followers in the social media as an impact with how much they connect to it. Maintaining a good content must be done with posting the content on a regular basis. By posting good content regularly, people will have your brand in their minds, thus making your brand become on top of your audience’s minds.

Use Influencers

As a brand, you should make a good first impression on your social media followers. Using an influencer is one of the most effective social media strategies to make a good impression about your branding to your followers. Influencer is a good and fast way to spread your brand into your audience’s timeline. Pick influencers who are most relevant with your product. Therefore, you have a best person with many specific audiences, increase your brand authority.

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Social media branding strategy is designed for you to make a good brand through a borderless platform. So it will be a great for your branding strategy to be applied. Interested in reading more about social media branding? Click here!


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