The Great Things From Kendall Jenner Pepsi Ad Issue

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Sometimes bad things that happened aren’t always turned into total chaos.

We all know that recently Pepsi was producing an advertisement that related with previous event Black Live Matter Movement where there’s a poignant image of Ieshia Evans that standing up in front of the armed police in Baton Rouge before. Pepsi has created an ad that played by Kendall Jenner based on the previous event. Pepsi advertisement becomes viral because it is controversial within several days from it first released on Tuesday, April 5, 2017. You can see the advertisement here.

Besides all the negative responses and hate comments toward Kendall both the brand that she advertises, there’s a good thing that people unaware. Pepsi is getting an instant brand awareness in short of time. The increase of Pepsi brand awareness has already proved by social data analysis which shows the growth of people who mention Pepsi in social media.

It is growing to 21000% in social media. It shows that you need to keep watch on the social media because it is going to be your backlash against you or a blessing. Even most of it has negative responses, but Pepsi succeeded in raising their brand awareness by bad publicity.

Brand awareness that Pepsi created accidentally or intentionally succeed recalling the brand in people’s mind as one of a soda company. Pepsi immediately pulls their ad which shows their responsibility and reacts to what people concerns. The action that Pepsi took indicates that Pepsi is a credible brand that listens to what audience want and might need in crucial time.

Identifying vocal points is crucial for the next move or a sincere apologize if some of the people might think of a different perspective from the advertisement. The brand advocate will help to increase the brand image at the end. Pepsi will eventually get positive responses from their immediate action.

So, sometimes bad things that happened aren’t always turned into total chaos. It also has good sides if you can manage it well. But if you are still confused by how to overcome this issue, you can contact us to help you solve the problem!

Source: Brandwatch


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