The Importance of Brand Identity

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“Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.” – Jeff Bezos

Identity refers to things that represent the product and the service that you gave, generally it can be similar to the other company, but it is preferable that each company has their own specific goal on the product and the service that they gave.

The gap and the different on your product and service will be the reason why consumers will choose the product that you offer. For example, there is three body shower gel products that are offers at the same time, the first one is an ecological product which is made from certified material to ensued environmentally friendly identity of the product, while the other two are whitening products.

For the first product, their identity as an eco and environmental product became the main attractive of the product so people who concern on environmental damage will choose the first product. While the other two share the similar goal without any specific identity that makes consumers voice divide into two, unless one of them has specific identity to mark them.

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Brand identity system is important not only because it differentiate your product with the rest, but it also become the key factor in determining the marketing target of your product and services. It is the reason why brand identity on your branding system become the key role in determining the marketing target of your product and services that are given.  

In determining the brand identity that you want to offer, the first thing that you need to do is creating the goal that you want to achieve for the offering products and services, as you decide the goal of the company then it will lead you to the target of marketing that you want to achieve. It will then help you to map the consumer that you have in mind, the brand marketing system that fit to your target, and promotion that is suitable for the target that you decide.

While running the company, you might often change the approach that you chose in promoting the product and the services, however, the basic identity platform of your company might not be change. Changing in original platform will entirely make you have to reintroduce your brand as a new one which will take times to be known. If it is occurred, you need to prepare the strategy even before you change the basic identity platform that you have built so far.

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