The Important of Logo and Symbols in Brand Elements

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A good logo is memorable, distinctive, simple.

This article can’t be separated from the previous discussion on the criteria of good brand elements. Also, we need to understand what a useful standard for brand items, we also need to know what any brand elements. Maybe what we know so far is that the brand name is the central feature of a brand, but in fact, the visual elements in a brand also have an important role in building brand equity and brand awareness.

Visual elements itself including the logo and symbol. Logo, in general, has a history to indicate the origin or ownership. But there are also some brands that only have a strong word with the sign does not have a logo attached to them such as, Coca-Cola and Kit Kat. The logo usually ranges from the company name or trademark and the only form of words written with a distinctive shape with abstract designs and may have nothing to do with a word mark, the name of the company or the company’s activities.

As explained previously, the logo also usually have a distinctive shape with abstract designs and may have nothing to do with the brand itself. Some examples are the stars on the logo of Mercedes cars, Rolex Crown logo. As an abstract name, logo outline can also have its peculiarities, so it is easily recognized by the crowd. But, despite the abstract logo easy to remember, it is not uncommon that an abstract logo could make consumers may not understand the meaning of the logo.

Logo and symbols are easily recognized could be one good way to identify the product, consumers understand they could not connect them to a particular product or brand. Another advantage of the logos branding is their flexibility. Why? Because the logo is nonverbal so that the logo can be either transfer across cultures and over a wide range of product categories.

Back discuss abstract logo, an abstract logo will give its advantages. When we have a brand name that is too long and difficult to use for whatever reason, an abstract logo can be used in this case. As an example of that occurred in the United Kingdom. One of the banks in the UK’s National Westminster Bank has a long and complicated names; they finally choose the triangle as a logo. Logo already selected this will enable them to provide identification on check books, signage, and other promotional materials. In addition to using the logo abstract, banks in the UK are also using a shortened version of the name of the company that NatWest.

Logos are different with the brand name. The logo can be easily adjusted from time to time to achieve a more contemporary look. As one of John Deere brand, in 2000 changed the trademark deer for the first time. Changing the deer looked like jumping, it is meant to indicate that there are power and agility with a technological edge.

The logo is one element in a brand that has a significant role. The logo does not have an image but can also be a sign of a distinctive word or logo abstracts, such as Coca-Cola and Mercedes star logo. The abstract logo can also make it easily recognizable logo. Also, different logos with a brand name cannot be changed. The logo is easier to be adjusted from time to time. And it will require costly.


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