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Some of you might don’t care to maintain internal branding, but actually, the most efficient way to make your brand can progress quickly with the right way comes from internal maintenance.

Let’s imagine that brand is a person, to be able to survive in society and keep on revolving; you need to evaluate yourself. So basically, internal branding can create positive and productive atmosphere.

Don’t worry; internal branding doesn’t need a lot of effort, time and money. It just needs your acceptance towards the change.

According to one of the brand experts, Scott Davis, shows that three stages can help your employees to understand the brand deeply:

1. Listen it: How do we optimum it into their hands?

2. Assure it: How do we optimum it into their heads?

3. Live it: How do we optimum it into their hearts?

But that’s not the least. Davis also gives another argument about six key principles that can guide the process of internal branding. Mate, now you’ve got the key!

1. Relevant Brand. Everyone that works in your enterprise needs to embrace and understand the brand essence. You can see Nordstrom as an example, whish’s dominant on their customer services. They strengthen the sales by approving exchange without manager approval.

2. Accessible Brand. Brand knowledge and answers must be known by the employees to be able to solve all brand-related questions. Ernst & Young launch their “The Branding Zone” program so the employee can access to information about its branding and marketing more easily.

3. Strengthen the Brand. The brand meaning must be reinforced with the employees. Such as Southwest Airlines that keep on telling their brand promise “a symbol of program” through all activities.

4. Brand Education. This program will help your employees to know and understand more about your business with the force of inspiring and informative training. Ritz-Carlton applies for this program by ensuring all the staff participates in their orientation to know how to maximize guest satisfaction.

5. Reward. Not everyone is boosting up with money and position. They need another encouragement such as acceptance by giving the employee award since they work so hard to build and maintain your enterprise.

6. Hiring Practices. Marketing Division and HR needs to keep up a lot of works together in these things. Because they need to develop the new employee to be fit in the company’s culture.

So that’s the key that now you’ve got from the expert, Davis. If you are still clueless about how to make these six principles work well for your enterprise, Dreambox can help you to solve your problem!


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