The Reasons Why Tom Cruise Should Be a Content Strategist

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While Tom Cruise does not currently break through a dangerous zone in Mission Impossible, he does things that are very far from its core competency, sometimes taking a big risk playing in films like Eyes Wide Shut.

Tom Cruise is the right role model to see how to run a brand: even as a great and successful actor is the trademark (re definitely not an actor), but you can learn about reputation management and content strategy from him.

So, what is content strategist based on Tom Cruise’s career? It’s quite simple; he succeeded in winning the primary audience and on the other hand, he could attract new fans with the choices that a bit risky. He accepts the criticized by the roles that challenge the brand of a Tom Cruise.

The content strategy concept 70-20-10 popularized by Coca-Cola to win the competition. Take a look at this video.

70% of your content should contain standard things, some advice on how to use something that is easily delivered and arguably to support SEO.

20% of the content you have to try to break away from the pattern of 70% of its content. This is the content-type “expansion,” you can graze controversy or trying to find a new type of audience by taking a little risk. To make it possible you need a bit of effort that also has a great potential both regarding traffic, revenue or awareness.

10% of your content should be highly innovative: the things that you’ve never done, if it works well, it could just be part of the 20% or 70%. The content of 10% requires a lot of interaction with the audience, and also at risk. Most of the 10% will fail, but you still have to do it, because it is crucial, if you do not, the whole strategy will be stagnant and not growing.

Tom Cruise’s 70-20-10

70% the role of Tom Cruise described him as a “Movie Star,” which is the brand of Tom Cruise as the “loveable,” sometimes a bit arrogant, exciting hero and take the risk, but he shows that in the end, he is still on the right side. The persona of Tom Cruise – Maverick in “Top Gun,” Ethan Hunt in “Mission: Impossible” – often have a tragic background, where at the end of the story proves that Tom is a heroic character, that sacrifice for a good reason.

20% of his role usually take a bit of risk in which he took a role that has different characters. Tom is still a Tom, have the same face, the same behavior but try to take a chance on a different film genre and unfamiliar with him. Like “Minority Report,” or spend half of the duration of the movie behind a mask (Vanilla Sky). Tom took this role to challenge himself and improve his brand to a different demographic that sees 70% predictable film.

10% of the movie comes across as a different Tom. Tom is not Tom. You could say, Tom was trying to rip Tom Cruise. He took a significant risk in “Born on the Fourth of July,” or play a role as misogynistic (woman-hater), and as motivational yet manipulative speaker in “Magnolia.” Both of his films got Oscar nominations. But the risk is also significant. Look Eyes Wide Shut and the Rock of Ages, for example, that failed in the market and not recommended for viewing.

So, this is crucial for running your business. Why? Because a campaign such as “let’s try our food” is over since there’s a lot of competitors who offer various foods.

Like it or not, everyone now in the content business. You have to get involved in it and evolve or disappear.

But the 10% content scares me

Reducing the risk doesn’t mean you don’t take risks, it means that you manage the risks you take. Decide when you hold a punch and when to take a massive blow.

I believe that 10% of the content also makes Tom Cruise afraid because these films, in general, are having bad results at the box office. But they do very well to increase their brand, it is reachable, durability, and maintain reputation.

Unless you are happy with the status quo of your business, you have to create content that occasionally make you afraid. Not only creating an ordinary content but with strategic and measurable. You can cause the audience get bored if your content is stagnant and plain as usual. The Growth of your content both your business may be painful, but it is worth it.

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