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As you know, a brand if you can imagine it as a person must have their personality, attitudes, values and strength. All of it called brand persona. But what is brand persona to be exact?

Brand persona is usually made by the company to help customers to relate easily with their name in daily life. Persona according to an expert, Kevin Lane, is the detailed profile and can directly influence the target market. Persona can be supported by adding photos, names, images, and even short bios in their profile. If the brand persona is a fictional character that represents a specific buyer type that uses your products or services and has significant interactions with the content that you offer, we can conclude that all customer types that might interact with your brand describe a brand persona.

If your business can provide archetypes of how your customer acts, response, and feels, it means that you’ve already doing part of the brand persona. It’s a great strategy to know the client’s behavior to maintain your business in a dynamic marketplace.

Persona is designed specially to engage between your brands with the consumer target. This is why a good brand persona can be able to lead all marketing activities. Burger King as one of the example, their brand persona is seen as a cool uncle. It is also shown by their brand voice in online marketing – advertisement and social media and other media that can express their brand persona.

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Even though persona can provide a great perspective to their customer, but it also can be overly focusing on a limited target market. These will affect the mistaken assumption of consumer behavior – feel, think and acts. The more diverse the target market, the more problems that appear by the use of persona. So, to cope with the problems some companies create multiple personas to widen their target market. But if you are still clueless, you can contact us to get more insight.


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