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Trust is confidence in the certainty of future payment for property or goods received.

In other words, confidence is the confident expectation of something; hope. This is the explanation that trust is what customers expect from a brand that the company had. Confidence in the brand in the value of the quality of the brand or the things that make the customers satisfied with the brand. (Synonym of trust: confidence, expectation, faith)

While the name itself means the mark made by burning or otherwise, to indicate the type, grade, make ownership. Or we can say that for labelling brand or mark with or as if with a brand. (Synonym of brand: character, quality, label)

In making the name into a trust, a brand must have distinct components that brand owners can develop that value to the customer. Then a brand of confidence doing the right thing, which is making its brand has unsurpassed competence, efficacy, and effectiveness in keeping his promise. This contributes value even when it is not in the interest just to making money only. Trusted brand customers never fail.

Build Trusted Brand

Be Authentic, it means that a brand must be legitimate and trustworthy. Each brand issued by the company must be legally registered with the agency that takes care brand. Then the brand to be attractive, unique and reliable than the wrapper alone. Because it is an interesting and first seen by new customers who do not know the brand products company.

Be Honest, it means that a name must be honest with the state of the product being sold. Do not exaggerate brand that does not correspond to reality at the time of sale. It also means that the brand must be transparent because these attributes are important and contribute to strengthening the customers’ trust. It involves not only the amount and accuracy of information that is shared with their clients, but also how the brand is sincere and right when communicated.

Be Different, this point stating that a brand should be different from other brands. Must be unique to look more prominent and unique compared to other brands.

Be Consistent, is important in the brand. Where any content or other publicity materials that offer brand has a uniformity of meaning or purpose. A brand must stand up for what is introduced, provided and given at the beginning of the name appears. Not to be quickly changeable moreover it is far from the start of the brand there. Innovating is good but should not be exaggerated.

How to Develop Trusted Brands

The first strategy is to Provide a Consistent Customer Experience. Brand should provide consistency through marketing, as well as Coca-Cola that is in conformity with the theme of happiness together. By always marketing the brand in this way and realize the promise of the brand over the years, so the name to gain the trust of customers. A client experience and a consistent marketing message to teach consumers what they can expect from a brand. When the brand to fulfil their promise, customers will create trust it.

Second strategies, Create an Emotional Connection. Some of the most reliable brands using emotion to connect with their clients. The Value Institute’s “Most Trustworthy Brand 2014” research found that emotional connection is an increasingly important part of the brand trust. An emotional connection with customers as well which have a high customer loyalty, which is highly correlated with customer satisfaction and trust. The loving relationship can’t replace quality products and excellent service, brand building emotional bonds with their clients may help to build confidence. Trusted brands have empathy; this means that the clients’ need to have experience related to deep emotional feelings such as caring, tolerances, and safe when carrying out transactions with the brand. Sincere Efforts to understand Reviews These feeling Contribute to high levels of trust in any relationship.

The third strategy, Use Word-Of-Mouth to Build Trust. The role of the third party is very supportive to affect customer confidence in the brand. Customers might be more likely to trust a brand if they knew their colleagues are also using or wearing the brand. How to develop Word-Of-Mouth is to create content that explains the eager customers with the brand and the customer asks to publish them on various social networks. Then provides icons easy for customers to inform the brand to their social network. Highlighting the positive customer testimonials on social media sites. Feature support for social media in advertising campaigns.

The fourth strategy, Make Your Content Trustworthy. Content is one of the primary sources used by customers to evaluate whether a brand can be trusted. For marketers, providing quality content is a must to build a brand that can be trusted. Companies should consider whether the brand that was launched to help customers solve their problems or only promote the products and services themselves. A company must be able to think of this as a long-term impact on the brand.


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