Change Your Packaging Design to Gain More Profit!

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Try using this new way when your brand is in a slump.

Sometimes, a change in packaging is needed for your brand. If you feel like your brand’s sales hasn’t increased for a while, you can consider getting your brand’s packaging changed. Packaging changes can be expensive, considering all new applications you will make to your brand’s packaging. But, if you compare it to other marketing communications such as promotions, sales, advertising and such, it’d be more cost-effective.

Companies change their packaging for several reasons:

When the old package is unappealing anymore. If your brand’s packaging looks somewhat outdated, it can affect the customers’ interest towards your brand. People tend to look for something new, and having your brand’s packaging changed may pique people’s interest. In 2010, Kraft updated their Macaroni and Cheese packaging for the first time in more than ten years to point out their brand’s core equities: happiness, smile, and joy.

To tell the consumers what changes has been made to the name. Names usually come up with innovations to entice their customers. Because of that, brands occasionally change their packaging to emphasize the innovations that have been made.

To signal people that the brand has changed its target market. Some brands turn their target market when they find that their primary market doesn’t increase their sales anymore. You can see what market is more suitable for your brand by using statistics and change your brand’s packaging according to its market. For instance, your name is originally designated for teens, but adults buy it more. Updating your brand packaging into something more mature-ish is a good idea.

It is, of course, clear that the main reason a brand changes its packaging is to gain more profit. Packaging changes, however, cannot be done hastily without thorough research, as it may destroy the brand’s previous image that has already been made. Marketers must think carefully when creating a new concept for the brand’s packaging because it is extremely hard for a brand to build a brand equity.

In short, a change in packaging can be profitable for your brand, but a severe handling is needed when doing so.


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