The Most Unbelievable Thing You Never Knew About Sponsorship

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Have you ever wondered how did big brands like Nike, Coca-Cola, Monster and others gain recognition by people around the world? If you have, you surely have thought of “it’s impossible for them to get that famous just by selling their products over and over!”

The answer to the question is quite simple actually. It’s called sponsorship. For those who didn’t know what sponsor is, sponsoring is the act of supporting an event, a person, a team, an organization or activity by giving money, products or even services. And the person or the group that provides the support is called as the sponsor.

From the explanation above, a big question appears: what does sponsor exactly do to make a brand more recognizable? Take a look at the picture shown below:


Source: telegraph

Sportswear manufacturer Under Armour became the kit manufacturer of the UK soccer team, Tottenham Hotspurs since 2012 and just look at how big their sales has increased, from $1.83 billion into $3.96 billion in only four years! That is possible because the team has a big audience on them, as they serve 35.776 fans on average every time they have a home match, not to mention the TV audience around the world! Just imagine how many times people have seen the Under Armour logo on the chests of the players!

Sure, you’re going to need a lot of money to sponsor a huge name like Tottenham Hotspur, but, just look at the revenue they received! Under Armour almost doubled their sales just manufacturing the kit of a soccer team for four years. It probably can multiply to 4 times or even five times bigger than now if we wait for another five more years.

If you think sponsoring a huge team like one above is out of the question, you can also think of sponsoring something else, as sponsorship also works on people, events or even activities. If you have a startup brand with a small budget looking for some recognition, you can think of sponsoring activities such as local events, school events, university events, or even actor/actresses.

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