Win Your Customer’s Heart Only By 3 Tips!

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“Brands are avenues of value innovation in a creative engagement between companies and their customers.” – Tenaya Group

Another tactic that marketers use apart from brand awareness is brand engagement. Brand engagement means a communication process that juxtaposes between an enterprise and customer which measured by the brand resonance model.

Let’s imagine that you are trying to approach someone that you have crushed on since ages. Automatically, you will try to find ways to communicate with the person that you like. This illustration is same with brand engagement concept. Your company wants to communicate and build a relationship with the public, in particular with the customers but couldn’t find ways. So, the big question is: How to be able to engage with your crush A.K.A your customer?

First, gain information about your ‘crush’ (customer). Do research about what they like and what they need. By knowing what they like and needs, you can offer them a solution or way out so they can depend on you. Be an enterprise that people can rely on you. Let them know that you are giving the right services and products through newspaper, magazine, radio, TV.

Second, participate in an event. You can meet even get to know your ‘crush’ by participating an event. When you are joining a game, you have the chance to introduce yourself and show your ability and your specialties that different from the others. You can give them the sample and mini workshop, by sponsoring a sport, entertainment or art event.
And finally, it’s time for you to interact with your ‘crush’ inner circle. After knowing your ‘crush’ better, he or she might talk about you a lot with the inner circle such as family and friends. Then it is the right time for you to communicate well in wider range. You can raise your brand awareness by word-of-mouth from person to another person without giving advertisement.

You can get your ‘crush’ heart by following our tips by gain information about your ‘crush’ (customer), participate in an event, and interact with your ‘crush’ inner circle. Now you can feel more confident to grab her attention, but if you still feel less confident, you’ve got us to help you!


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