Finding the Right Audience on Social Media

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“Marketing is really just about sharing your passion.”– Michael Hyatt

The basic rule of starting a business is knowing the target market. Your product will definitely not be satisfying in all circles even though you offer something general. Therefore, knowing the target market that is relevant for your product will make everything easier in doing the business. Thus, if you use social media as a marketing strategy, you must identify the target audience. So that all the promotions you do on social media are not in vain

In identifying your target audience in social media, you have to know exactly their characteristics. Find out the demographics be it gender, age, location and interests of your audience to help you define the right content. Right after you comprehend who your target audience are, you’ll find it easier to share your content.

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How about the platform? Are you sure you’re taking all your efforts on the right platform? When you provide some contents for your target audience, you need to make sure you are producing something relevant where your target audience spending their time most. Let’s look at the major platform and see what is the fact.


Facebook as the largest social media platform where 75% users spend, almost, 20 minutes on the site daily. It is no too difficult to find your target audience on this site. Simply type some specific keyword into Facebook’s graph search and you will receive a list of people who are interested in your product. You can even further filter results by gender, current city, and additional interests.


Finding your target audience on twitter is also easy. Twitter gives their users an advanced search function where you find your target audience based on what they are tweeting as well as the time and location they are tweeting it. In addition, there are various external tools can be used in finding some keywords and users’ interest on twitter.


Finding your target audience on instagram by doing this straightforward method. As the first option, you have to do a research and find some influencers or brands related to your business then visit their post. Jump to the comment section and make a list of likers and commenters on the recent post. These people are proven to be engaged Instagram users and they are must be your target audience. As a choice, you can also use popular hashtag. The last version of instagram is equipped with Hashtags to Follow and it allows you to be appear in someone’s timeline.

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With a clearly defined target audience, it is much easier to determine where and how to market your business. Click here to read more articles about marketing, branding, and more!


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