Online Marketing, a Step by Step Strategy

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“The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.” – Tom Fishburne

Today, online marketing has become a job that almost everyone can do. It doesn’t need a huge amount of money to start. To do online marketing, having a physical office or workplace is not a must. Virtual office is the trend nowadays.

You just need to prepare a computer and an internet connection. With these elements, everyone and anyone can start their own online marketing business. If you consider having a computer as a problem, don’t worry! Nowadays, you can always get it from a rental.

To start an online marketing business, first of all, of course you need to make sure the internet connection is available. Then do follow these steps below:

Create an Account in a Social Media


The most usable and easy-to-use social media is Facebook. It connects people, but it also has a lot of feature that can be used as a tool to do online marketing. Setting the account into public will allows it to be visible by everyone, so that the account can be seen and added as friends by everyone in the Facebook world. Definitely, this strategy will increase the flow of the targeted market.

Choose The Right Target Market


Every product surely has its target market. The marketing team only needs to find the right and compatible one, so that the product will become a need for the audience. To find the right market in the online social platform, start with making friends or join a group with people that will potentially become your target market.

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After making friends, make a good and impactful personal branding, so that the “friends” know exactly what you’re selling and that you’re the right seller. Next, do a creative promotion, to distinguish your business from others, making it more significant to the audience. When you do a promotion and find people that leave comments or like your content, add them as friends. As they’re the prospect target market.

Build a Personal Brand


Make people know about you by good and creative statuses. Share statuses or contents that is needed by the target market. If you sells snack, share about good snacks and healthy lifestyle. Find information about what your target market really needs and make a connection with them. Don’t forget to keep connecting and interacting with the audience.

Be Active, Good, and Responsive


It is a waste if an online shop offer good quality product, but they give late response, cruel, and inactive. Be a better one by doing quick response, give explanation if it’s necessary, and be a good friend to your “friends”. Remembering that audience engagement is very important in this internet era.

These step by step online marketing strategy will help your business and brand to be relevant and stay visible in the target market’s life and eyes. If you feel online marketing is too much of a bother to do it by yourself or if you need a guide to do the right online marketing for your business, you can easily reach out a person or an agency that specialize in the marketing area.

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