The Importance of Brand E-Commerce

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Developing strong Brand E-Commerce and image is always important for all kind of business. As consumers do not only buy products, but also the story of the products. The form of brand recognition let your business to grow and thrive in the new environment. Therefore, when the Internet came along, high street stores are able to make a smooth transition to the centers of power on the Internet without leaving brick-and-mortar stores. Having established belief offline, they need to reflect the online brand values. For latest E-commerce store that operate exclusively online, the form of longstanding belief is something of an impossible dream. They had to build their own brand from the ground up. This is achieved through good marketing, customer service that is consistent and clear selling point unique, and equally important, at competitive prices.

Vision is not always enough. You also need to develop familiarity. While e-commerce store could decent sales figures, impulse buying, it is returning people who provide long term durability. After all, when you have a positive experience in the store including a good service, low price and ease of purchase, it is likelihood that you will be back. However, more than that, you can also let friends and even follow-up social profiles and interact with the Brand E-Commerce on a regular basis. It illustrated perfectly in the new piece on Econsultancy, which identified the top 20 retailers in Facebook, Google + and Twitter in the UK market. While this study used only a number of followers, discount and other useful metrics such as direct sales and interaction, it provide an indication of e-commerce store that is succeed in social development and branding. When it comes to Twitter, only three online Brand E-Commerce exclusively featured in the top 20 – ASOS, Amazon and Net One Porter. As mentioned earlier, this should not be a big surprise perfectly illustrates the value of the name that consumers identify with.

The inclusion of brands such as Harrods, Marks & Spencer and Selfridges appear to support this. This is the name of prestige, with a long standing reputation for quality. It can attract consumers naturally who are looking for an ongoing relationship with them. It was a similar story on Google + and Facebook, with the old guard of the organic building huge audiences. However, the likes ASOS shows that it is possible to mix it with the big kids, even without the benefit of a high street. They have made a Brand E-Commerce that are clear and have been successful in a crowded market, targeting mainly young fashion. While it has taken 12 years for them to reach this stage, ASOS is recognized now as a leader in the clothes shop online in the UK.


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