The Importance of Brand strategy

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Brand strategy – What is a brand? Simply put, they identify the organization, service or products. It is more than just names or logos. Identity needs to be based on a unique idea and a number of through a compelling story. It needs to communicate with potential customers and the formation of positive emotional bonds. This idea needs to be distinctive from the competition and relevant to target markets. It also needs to be authentic, that means it is not enough just making empty claims. The organization really needs to live its brand.
Brands increase the value of products and services by distinguishing it from the competition, and creating a positive mental associations and making emotion relationships with customers. Building a successful brand requires careful planning and consistency. It needs a strategy. Brand strategy is the plan that determines ideas and knows stories behind the brands, and the structure and the relationship between brands within the organization and identifies the key elements. It can include elements, such as the names of companies, products, and tone of voice, logo, colors etc as it provides a framework for the implementation of brands across organizations, operations and uses them to work efficiently towards commercial goals.
With a clear strategy in place, managers can make appropriate, coordinated, and informed decisions not only in marketing but in all departments through the development of products to customer service. This process to embody the idea of the brand across the organization is what people call branding. The beauty of brands is that by telling true stories to the customer and makes your products more valuable and attractive. By giving them good stories to tell, you can access the cheaper and more effective promotions that are the word of mouth.
Few organizations succeed to achieve the full benefits of word of mouth, and worse than that, for many organizations spread more negative than positive stories. To compensate for the lack of positive word of mouth, organizations spend huge amounts of money on marketing practices that are ineffective. Without an effective Brand Strategy, these exercises are unfocused, inconsistent and non-authentic. Thus, they rarely pay for themselves.  So what is the role of marketing? Branding is the antithesis of marketing. Branding is the most effective way to generate positive word of mouth, making them both cheaper and more effective than traditional marketing methods. Without marketing Brand, Strategy that is clear is a mess.


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