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Brand archetype has been used by big companies. It allows companies to easily communicate with their customers without having to go into the whole story every time.  So far, though, the brand archetype is more difficult for small businesses to use. This is because most of the examples used to require one of two things usually are not available to small businesses; a great team and huge advertising budget.

For example, one of the most popular big brand archetypes is the caretaker. However, this archetype means that you will need a large customer service staff.  This means that small businesses need specialized brand archetypes, which have been selected to meet the unique needs of small businesses; archetype that works even if you have a small team and limited resources. Fortunately, there are five archetypes which are not only available for small business owners but are in fact more powerful in the hands of small businesses.

There are other problems with the traditional archetype system there that we need to address. Traditional brand archetype systems are esoteric, to say the least. It is difficult to understand exactly how you would describe your job as the caretaker or innocent.  The reason these labels are working for big companies is that they have the whole team is responsible for making these decisions and assessment. They have in-house staff devoted to brands and outside companies devoted to commercial labels. There are also many customs, for one thing, the brain and this means that it is easier for them to apply the label that is rather difficult to relate to.

Small business does not have this luxury. This means that we need to make the brand archetypes can be accessed very easy to make a decision with a small team (or everything on your own).

Five examples that work brilliantly for small businesses are: Elizabeth Taylor: For companies that provide a luxurious experience, Katharine Hepburn: for companies are polite and not afraid of getting into trouble. Audrey Hepburn: For companies that give priority to relationships and honesty. Judy Garland: For a company is all about discovery and guide their customers in the way. Edith Head: For a company that creates miraculous results that change the lives of their clients. Any one of this brand archetype quiz to find out?. Now that you know how to use a big business use brand archetypes and how small businesses can benefit greatly by using the same tailor made for their own examples. The next step is to take the quiz and find your original model.


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