How to Test Your Brand Essence

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Brand Essence – Depending on whom you talk to and what is the process that you use to access, your brand essence can include your brand character, your brand personality and your brand values, the related, sometimes overlapping sub of the essence of your brand. You can divide the phrases that describe your brand in this subset to better understand how they are interconnected and form the basis for your brand communication, but that’s a topic for another day. Now, let’s look at five or six descriptive phrases that resulted from the branding process of perception and run it through some tests to make sure it really works for you as solid, good brand essence.
You may have heard this before. Think of your organization being gone, what do you want written on the organization’s tombstone? Can you imagine any description you into something that you want engraved on the tombstone? Is a description of which is very impressive that you want your brand known to them as soon as it lost?
This is a variation of tombstone test. Think of your organization out of business, what would your customers say they will lose about you? Would you lost five or six descriptive sentences that came with it? Are they really missing your professionalism or they will miss how easy you are to deal with more than that? If the new phrase comes to mind when you do these tests is more important than the original phrase, consider a replacement.
This test helps to get rid description that you might want to because they trendy or edgy, but just not very important when push comes to shove, they will not withstand the test of time. Imagine you are sitting in front of your banker to get a loan for your organization is on the verge of collapse. You have to convince him that the company is worth the money that request, your survival depends on it and you should speak as well as act in ways which represent your own brand essence. Your description should save up to some kind of supervision as he are locking in the glare of steel in you and wants to know why he should trust you, it really is very important to be “polite?”. According to your organization and your customers, perhaps it is and now is the time to be sure. That’s all about the way to test your Brand Essence.


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