Website Revamp VS Redesign? What are the Differences?

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Know More About The Differences Between Website Revamp VS Redesign

It may need to be clarified for those unfamiliar with the terms of a website revamp vs redesign. As they appear similar, several distinctions between website revamp and redesign projects can differ. 

If you are wondering about the differences, this page is the perfect input. After comparing the two, you can also find the better option for your need. Thus, let’s check the information below!

Fundamental Differences of Website Revamp VS Redesign

A company or brand website management may lead to different perceptions of the audience’s perception regarding the company’s image. This image is relevant to display the brand or company’s vision that wants to be perceived by the public. 

This whole scheme will consequently influence the purchase intention of the products or services from a particular brand or company. Therefore, it is important to consider relevant statistical data to ensure that the brand or company website works optimally to portray that image. 

However, if technically proven that a website revamp or redesign is needed, you can work further to fix the gap. The distinction between website revamping and redesigning is the scale of the project. 

A website revamp replaces only a few elements on the website, while a redesign project replaces most of the brand elements, even all of them. Website revamp projects will take a month or less, while redesign projects require three to six months. A more detailed explanation of website revamp vs redesign can be overviewed from the following narration.

What is Website Revamp?

Website revamping is upgrading the existing website by changing its appearance and functions. The improvement can be made by refreshing several significant features such as color schemes, fonts, images, and layout. 

The revamping process can be done anytime without starting from the very beginning. The improvement will focus on improving the design, usability, and functionality. Revamp is a perfect choice to refresh your old website by adding more features and pages or changing the layout.

What is Website Redesign?

Website redesigning is improving an existing website by involving the entire website layout, functionality, and navigation rework. The hard work will be paid off when the users are satisfied with the new experience while visiting the website. Website redesign also concerns information architecture and content accessibility.

How to Choose Website Revamp vs Redesign for Your Business

If your business progressively depends on the website’s development performance, the picture of redesigning a website might be too scary. As the business might be disturbed, the lost money, time, and effort should be considered when you plan to do a website redesign. 

Therefore, there are several things to note down when you are juggling from doing a website revamp vs redesign.

1. Formulate the Website Project’s Objective

The first aspect to formulate is the objective of the website project. Whether you intend to increase the website traffic, escalate the brand awareness, or generate leads, it is a crucial point to determine what step to achieve the objective. The second aspect to consider is the period do you intend to complete the project.

2. Consider the Last Time Your Website was Updated

If your website was last updated quite some time but still performs excellently, you may choose a website revamp project. Minor changes may be the best strategy to optimize and refresh the website’s performance. 

However, if you think doing a ground-up website update, a website redesign project may be necessary to opt for.

3. Set the Budget Range You Can Spend

The spending available within your reach may determine whether you should choose a website to revamp vs redesign project. While the complete website redesign project may cost you a fortune, a revamp project can be a more affordable choice you can consider. 

Especially if you cannot mention the changes you want to make, the budget may be swollen to an unlimited range. However, if you are short on budget, some distinguished changes in the main features can be done through a website revamp.

4. Construct the Reason for a Change and What Kind of Changes

Determining the extent of the website changes might be an essential point to influence your decision on whether you should choose a website to revamp or redesign. In terms of website design, you can utilize some metric tools such as Hotjar and Google Analytics to overview the site’s performance. 

The information that you can gather from the tools includes the traffic of the website visit, conversion rate, bounce rate, and even when your audience stops surfing on the website.

The role of the internal marketing team is to analyze whether the current trend influences the website’s performance. Further, I can put some thoughts on whether it is indispensable to redesign the website and need to make some changes.

However, if various elements of the website are not working coherently and effectively, be bold in deciding to ask for a redesign works from professionals.

The endless option of doing a website development project, be it revamp or redesign, can make you uncomfortable. Various aspects should be considered to make a decision. The whole process can include situations that cannot be controlled. 

Fortunately, there is a lot of help from experts who offer website management services like Dreambox. This web management agency is trusted mainly as they are experienced in accommodating companies to refresh their site’s appearance. 

You can discuss everything like a real family, shout out every concern you have, and let them do the hustle. While waiting for them to work hard to fix your problems, you can sit back and develop strategies to boost your website performance. 

Therefore, it is crucial to consider the essential things before deciding on the website revamp vs redesign project with a trusted agency like Dreambox. More info about Dreambox’s Website Development Service is available on this page, or you can contact us here!


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