4 Most Effective Marketing Strategies for Startup Companies

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Every big brand started from somewhere. For them to gain their fame is not as simple as anyone would think. They started from being a start-up brand with very minimal amount of cash. It is possible for you entrepreneurs to grow your brand and make it big!

Large companies you see every day share something in common. When they were still considered as start-up companies, they obviously didn’t have much money to invest in massive advertising and marketing activities. They looked for more realistic marketing strategies that suit their meager budget. And in the result, they were able to gain brand awareness from the public, and ultimately, win loyal customers.

Here are the 4 most effective marketing strategies for start-up companies:

1. Offer taste testings and product samplings.


If your products are consumable, you can use this very effective strategy, which is offering people and prospective customers taste testing or product samplings. The word ‘free’ has a huge impact, so try using the word free when offering your product samples.

This strategy is effective because it attracts customers and it will be easier for them to decide whether to buy the product or not because they have already tested the product.

2. Host exciting events or workshops.

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Interesting workshops and events can help you gain more customers. Creating events and workshops could be tricky for your company because you want to offer your products, but you don’t want to be considered as a sellout. The right thing to do is, the event or workshop your company going to host should discuss something that is related to the product your company have.

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3. Offer tours.


When a product is good, people who consume the product will get curious about the product. You can satisfy their curiosity by offering tours to your customers. You can show them the history of your brand, the history of your office, where your products were made, how your employees work, etc. to pique their curiosity and satisfy it.

4. Give away your neatly-designed product merchandise.


This strategy may sound insignificant and trivial, but in fact, this is proven effective if done properly. You can give away t-shirts, mugs, notepads, smartphone cases, etc. with the logo of your brand on top of them. Design your merchandise yourself but make the design look good, so people won’t mind using your merchandise or even love wearing it.

With these 4 effective ways, you can raise brand awareness of your startup brand with the low budget without having to worry about spending too much money. But, be sure to make them seriously, so people would never take your marketing efforts lightly.

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