5 Tips Using Social Media To Build Personal Branding

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“A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another.” – Seth Godin

Personal branding is a way to pursue how they want people to see and think about themselves. It is not a social media effect, but it surely takes place in real life or in the digital world. The way somebody act, reacting to something, talk, even their gesture will build their own personal branding. Everything the individual post in social media, either the photos or the writing, will describe themselves.

Sometimes, people create a good personal branding in purpose. Such as in politics year, many candidate use many kinds of digital media to build it. This will make the election participant trust the candidate. But one thing for sure, smarter participant will look for more information. Candidate with stable personal branding will be more trusted.

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In a promotion chance, good personal branding will be one of the consideration to choose that ‘somebody’. How to use social media to build personal branding? These are five tips to build it.

Using An Active Account Or Create New One

Some people may have older social media account. It’s fine to use it to build personal branding. You only need to look for its content. If the account use a unique username that’s hard to remember, change it into a proper and professional one. This will make you easily remembered and found by people.

The Content

When you decide to build a personal branding, make sure your social media account has a similar theme of content that can help your branding. Search for quotes that describe you most. Share something useful for your friends and followers. Photos help people to know new places, food, clothes, everything. Share good photo contents to make your friends and followers interested.

The Network

Make new friends and keep the connection with the old ones. Join new groups that has similar purpose with you. Such as if you are a secretary, join the secretaries group. Choose an active group with positive interactions possible. This will increase knowledge and enlarge your network.

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Build your own branding to make people trust you. Keep it not only in social media, but also in real life. Make yourself known and be the somebody people are searching for. Interested in reading more about personal branding? Click here!


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