Connection Between Branding And Marketing

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“Stop interrupting what people are interested in and be what people are interested in.” – Craig Davis

New entrepreneurs might be confused on which one should be done first, the branding or the marketing. Branding is the way a company wants to be seen and known. Marketing is the way of product transfer from producer to consumer. Thus, what is the connection between branding and marketing? Which one should do first?

Some marketing people believe that marketing must be done first before branding. The reason is, that while doing marketing, company can test their product. Is it acceptable or denied? With the marketing flow, company can build their branding more easier.

Others believe that branding must be done before marketing. In this side, branding is built since the first time of the product launch. So, the design of the product must follow the vision of branding. 

Both opinion are definitely a choice. You can choose the first or the second one. But, with any choice you take, make sure to produce only good quality product. Good quality product has a special touch to differentiate with others, this will help to build the product branding.

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What if you are new player and don’t have enough followers that will read your post about the good of the product? Older period company usually use many kinds of advertisement ways in many kind of media. Television, radio, magazine, and newspapers are the kind of media that are mostly use. But lately, people loves to use online media. You can definitely follow this flow.

You can use people, who is called buzzer, to help you share information. They can use their social media to share it. Of course, they’re not free. Sometimes they had to try the product to get the feeling. They’ll share their real experience and make their followers know your product.

Building a company branding is important. Use common media like magazine, radio, television, and others to share information by paid advertisement. But don’t forget to also use online media to share informations. 

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