8 Silly Mistakes That Your Brand Probably Do

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“One stupid mistake can change everything.” – Anonymous

Many brands, no matter what size often don’t realize what silly things they’re doing is actually hurting their brand. And if they don’t realize it sooner, it could be fatal to the extent where they could self-destruct.

What are the silly mistakes that brands often do? Let’s take a look at the infographic shown below!


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Why do we consider all these mistakes shown above as silly? It’s because these are the most basic mistakes that any brands could possibly do.

Although some or even all of the things mentioned above are basic, to our surprise, some brands, even the big ones, still do some of those mistakes from time to time. Let’s take a look at the example of Blackberry smartphones: the company dominated the smartphone market in 2009, but nobody can barely hear the company anymore today.

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What happened? Point 6: the brand did not listen to what their customers had wanted at the time; powerful phones with useful apps and cheaper prices. The result? Apple and Samsung took charge of the smartphone market and are now the biggest smartphone manufacturers in the world.

The reason why brands often do these mistakes is usually not because of the brand’s absence in quality, but oftentimes due to its inability to react to problems. To prevent doing these same mistakes over and over again, brands are highly suggested to evaluate their branding and marketing activities every once in a while.

Try avoiding these things in order to keep your branding strategies stay on track!

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