Android’s Unique Way to Raise Brand Awareness

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“I wonder what food they’re going to use as a name in the next version!”

Google has always been successful in their businesses. The company always creates something that piques people’s interests, proved by their enormous amount of sales and support they receive. One of their creations is Android, an operating system for touch screen phones. The operating system is being used by a lot of smartphone brands such as Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC, etc. Android is also compatible with tablets.

One of the advantages of an Android is it is very easy to use, and it is supported by Google. Android also by far allows their users to root their phones, which allows the users to modify their Android.

But, there is also a unique, different factor that helps Android to raise the brand awareness and gain loyal customers, which is the way they name the versions of each operating system. There are already 14 Android versions including an alpha and beta versions as of the time this article is being written (soon to be 15), and what makes it unique is they name the versions using the name of desserts alphabetically. Here is the list of the code names of the versions that have been made (not including the alpha & beta version):
• Cupcake OS – released in April 2009
• Donut OS – released in September 2009
• Éclair OS – released in October 2009
• FroYo (Frozen Yogurt) OS – released on may 2010
• Gingerbread OS – released in December 2010
• Honeycomb OS – released in February 2011
• Ice Cream Sandwich – released in October 2011
• Jellybean OS – released in July 2012
• Kitkat OS – released in October 2013
• Lollipop OS – released in November 2014
• Marshmallow OS – released in October 2015
• Nougat OS – released in August 2016

Without people noticing or not, by naming each of the versions of the name sweets or desserts, and put them alphabetically, Android made themselves easier to remember, and thus creating brand awareness towards them. Don’t you just want to wonder what Android will name their next version? Is it going to be Oreo, omelette, oatmeal or even orange?

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