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Before getting ahead to the article, first, you need to understand the definition of brand activation. Brand activationwhat does it mean?

Imagine yourself as a newly graduated psychology student that wants to be a motivational speaker. You enjoy helping people in need with your speeches, and you want people to know you so you can help more people. Unfortunately, nobody but your family and friends know you, and that doesn’t make you feel satisfied at all.

So, you decided to activate your brand (which is yourself), by offering free consultations and speeches to schools, institutes or even companies to gain an audience and also, create engagement between you and your audience. The example written above is the definition of brand activation, which is to create engagement between your brand and your customers, by hosting events, campaign, seminars, etc.

And here are several ways you can ‘activate’ your brand:

1. Free product/service sample


This one’s so obvious, but somehow many new brands keep forgetting to do this. Without a sample, how would your customers know what kind of product or service you’re offering? Unless your brand is already so big with dozens of the portfolio, you should entice people to buy or at least, get to know what you offer.

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2. Digital activation.


Brands without social media account and websites in the digital age are just lame. Even brands that have almost zero effort on advertising like Zara or Lamborghini use social media! Why? Because mostly it is free. You don’t have to spend millions on advertising your brand using social media, unlike TV adverts. Well, you might get to spend money on developing websites but looking at how people can access it and get to know about your brand quickly, it is worth it.

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3. Conduct campaigns.


Campaigns are useful for brands, both offline and online campaigns. By using campaigns, people can get influenced. Campaigns are done to achieve objectives, for example, to raise brand awareness. To do so, brands often persuade people by creating hashtags (online campaigns) or catch phrases (offline campaigns), in the hope that people will use the catch phrases. And later on, people will know that this certain brand is the one who created the words, which helps to raise awareness towards the brand.

In conclusion, activating a brand can surely help your brand achieve its successful. Brand activation cannot be taken lightly because you are interacting with your customers in real time. Click here for more articles about branding!


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