Minimize Social Media Errors to Sustain Brand Engagement

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Being active on social media is one of the ways to attract customers and to build a relationship with your customers. A lot of companies have decided to be more socially active on Twitter or Facebook lately, to raise brand engagement. Companies need to build a healthy relationship with their customers, and using social media engagement is proven effective.

Wendy’s is one of the businesses that optimize the strategy to build engagement using social media. The way they engage with their customers is considerably unique, in which they do it by tweeting funny and sometimes spicy tweets. The strategy resulted in their huge gain in followers and re-tweets on Twitter since January 2017 and people seem to love it, too. You can watch here.

But, the strategy can also hurt your brand. People can easily find what mistakes you did on social media. Trivial mistakes like typo or misspelling can cause problems, let alone big mistakes like Pepsi did. Mistakes can scar the reputation of your brand or even causing people to hate your brand. You obviously don’t want it to happen, especially when the reason to be active on social media is to create engagement.

To reduce the possibility of making errors online, you can try to:
1. Be selective in creating contents. There are a lot of things to talk or discuss, but be careful not to hurt or cause the commotion by posting something sensitive.

2. Always double-check. It’s not going to take forever to re-check before posting something. Also, it helps you to have the time to think if is it post-worthy or not.

3. Don’t mind the trolls. The trolls can also be the reason why you’re making mistakes. Don’t mind them.

4. Admit your mistakes if you make one. People make mistakes. As long as you realise your error and you promise not to do it again, people won’t hate you.
There is good and bad in everything, including being active in social media. Mistakes always happen, but they also help your brand to grow. Consult with us for more!


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