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“Packaging can be theater; it can create a story.” – Steve Jobs

Is your business stagnant? Do your items are just laid there on the shelf? It must be frustrating for you. Now you can stop worrying and wash your face to get a fresh start to study more how to improve sells with Dreambox!

If your product is good enough to be offered but less brand awareness, it means that you need to evaluate your brand. Usually, one of the reasons that a brand has less brand awareness could be because of the unattractive visualization of packaging.

There’s a series of research by one of Cornell University’s professor, Brian Wansink about the consumer psychology of packaging. He said that the core purpose of packaging that the managers think is to encourage purchase. Packaging is for influencing, marketing and wrapping the goods safely. After buying the products, the consumers will be affected by the value and taste or by he uses it.

So, here are the four enthralling finding:

Packaging as Taste Influencer
A study shows that 181 people were sent home with nutrition bar in their hands that claimed it contains 10 grams of soy protein. It doesn’t contain any soy at all, but interestingly many people believe that it taste grainy like soy. It shows that our sense of taste and touch is very suggestible by visual engagement of packaging.

Packaging as Value Influencer
Most people especially you might think that the bigger package has a better price per ounce. That indicate the shape of a box can influence what we believe. A study found out that people believe in packaging that more tall and narrow than small and wide packages such as Pringles.

Packaging as Consumption Influencer
Big shapes affect the customer to consume or purchase a product more. It has been shown by a study of 48 different types of foods and drinks. The more space that you provide, people will fill up space and tend to want more than the actual size.

Packaging Can Influence How Your Consumer Use a Product
A strategy to increase the utilization of a product is to deliver it from your packaging. It also forces the consumer to know how to do innovation such as the changes of canned food in 1974. It makes your user can understand your new products.

Packaging can influence consumer’s taste, value, consumption and how to use a product. That’s why it is necessary to change your packaging visualization to be delivered right messages to the consumers through senses.


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