What the advantages of Characters for my Brand?

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Brand with good characters keep them.

Characters are part of the brand element. Characters is also a special type of brand symbol, this one element typically take a real character or animation. Most characters in the brand introduced through advertising and plays a major role in advertising and design of products. An example is Ronald McDonald, Colonel Sanders of KFC, KoKo Krunch.

A brand that has the characters will be more noticeable to other people and quite useful for creating brand awareness. In addition, the presence of the characters in a brand will help the brand to communicate the benefits of the product. The human element in the characters of a brand can help the brand to create the perception that we are a fun and exciting brand. With the human element or characters displayed, consumers can easily build a relationship with the brand.

The benefit that can be made from a brand when using the characters is the characters can help the brand to avoid the problems that occur in humans, such as that characters will not be old, no request for a raise of payment. Popular characters not infrequently be a valuable license, and indirectly provide direct income and additional brand exposure.

When we know the advantages of the brand characters, we wanted to use. However, there are several warning and weakness in using the characters of the brand. Brand character can get considerable attention and preferably so dominate other branding elements and also dampen brand awareness.

Not only limited to creating the characters in a brand, but the brand characters to be updated from time to time so that the image and personality they remain relevant to the target market. When the character of a brand is not updated will cause a shrinkage in sales. This happens on Hello Kitty, the Japanese characters are very famous one is experiencing shrinking sales because there is a failure to create modern and attractive characters in several media.

So it is very important to update the character of a brand. Each brand must keep up-to-date. As already mentioned above, can also be a fictitious character or animation. The characters are fictitious or animation has its own advantages, they more durable than real people as characters KoKo Krunch on Koko Krunch cereal.

In conclusion, one element of the brand is a character. Characters are usually introduced through advertising or packaging. The advantage of using the character of our brand is our brand will be more easily recognizable, or could be called would be easy to build brand awareness. A brand can choose a fictional character/animation or real characters. The existence of the human element in the character of the brand helped the brand to create brand perception it fun and interesting, such as McDonald’s. But keep in mind that the character of the brand must be updated from time to time in order to remain relevant to the target market from time to time.


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