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“Successful people don’t fear failure but understand that it’s necessary to learn and grow from.” – Robert Kiyosaki

So, to be one of the successful individuals in the world, you need to learn and keeps moving forward. It comes from yourself first to find new methods every day. Let us help you to find the right ways that might help you improve your business!

Corporate brand personality is one of the accurate methods. These methods have been applied by large enterprises such as Coca-Cola (innocent), Nike (hero) and Red Bull (magician). The big question is what corporate brand personality is?

Let’s say that brand itself is a person. Brand as a person has a character that describes who he or she is. Therefore, corporate brand personality can be defined as traits that correlated with a corporate brand.

The corporate brand personality can be divided into three core dimensions which are the “heart,” the “mind,” and the “body.”

The “heart” of your company can reflect two characteristic features which are passionate and compassionate. Employees must be passionate about their jobs and divisions. Your business must be compassionate towards your customers, stakeholders and the environment.

The “mind” is disciplined and creativity. Creativity is needed nowadays to differ yourself with others and disciplined can created consistency which produce brand identity.

The last but not the least, the “body” of your business is competency and collaborative. It needed the skill to adapt fast and more flexible towards the dynamic in the marketplace. A successful twenty-first-century company needs to be more collaborative. Why? Collaboration can create mutual benefits and inter-dependency.

Besides, a collaborative team environment can straighten up and build the same goals in a group. It can create an effective communication that avoids misunderstanding in operating your company.

These dimensions of corporate brand personality are necessary because company nowadays is seen by the public based on who it is and what it does. Your business will be better positioned and success if all of your employees can act as a “heart,” “mind” and “body.”


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