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Corporation needs brand strategy as one of the plans to make a great well-known brand in the market. But what do you really know about branding? Is it the same as brand strategy? Brand itself is who you are. Brand according to Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon “Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room”. If brand is a human, it surely has an identity such as name, symbol, sign, or visual outlook. It is perceived as an emotional corporate image. If people try to describe what you wear, your unique personality, etc. that makes who you are and that is branding.
Branding is an activity that describes an identity to distinguish one brand with another brand. Bear Brand Milk as the example, everyone can sell milk but not everyone can offer high-quality sterilized dairy milk without any preservatives and sugar as an addition. This is one of their advantages and what makes them different from other products. Help to maintain the health and recovery processes of the body is one of Bear Brand Milk’s brand promise that has been proven by not adding any preservatives and sugar. In that way, people will believe your brand and product. It will shape people’s perception that drives as a way of branding since it will form an identity. Therefore, it is important for you as an entrepreneur or founder to know how to deliver your brand in a right way so that people want to purchase your product.
Brand strategy itself is a long-term plan in order to achieve the goal which is becoming one of a strong brand. The activities are to demonstrate their value and commitment to raise people’s awareness. Brand strategy is a part of branding but it is not branding. Branding is the way you can deliver yourself as whom you are, so people can easily describe you. Brand strategy on the other side is one of the ways to make your brand known by the others. So yes, it is different.
Branding according to Philip Kotler “Branding: from purpose to beneficence”. A right branding is being able to form great perceptions through visible actions. Visible actions in this terms mean that your products can be beneficial for the consumers. It can be able to fulfill the consumer’s need and wants. When you succeed to deliver it right according to your personality and identity, the consumer will remind of your brand every time they’re looking for what they need. Coca-Cola as the example, it pops up in people minds every time they crave for a soda drink. They succeed in fulfilling what the consumer’s need. So, it is also important to be aware of what consumer’s need to be reminded of a brand that provides solutions which can help them to solve problems in daily life.

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