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Being an influencer these days is not as simple as it looks, you will need to obtain some skills to make people fall into your contents, no matter what type of content you provide to public.

You don’t just shoot some random videos of you talking nonsense and upload it to the Instagram. Well, some people do think that being an influencer is a no-brainer thing to do like we illustrated in the last sentence. It is definitely easier to gain audience these days compared to 30-40 years ago, but a person needs to be ‘intelligent’ in their own way to attract the audience they want. Contrary to popular belief, you will need a pack of skills to become a great influencer.

What are the skills you will require in order to become a great influencer?

Public speaking


Being an influencer means that you will be talking to a large amount of audience. Since you will be talking to a lot of people with different backgrounds, you will need to be able to maintain a good communication between you and your audience. Your audience will remember you for what you say and present, so you’ll need to be skillful at communicating with many people at once, for example during speeches.

Content creation


If you can’t create contents that people can enjoy, how do you expect yourself to obtain followers let alone a large audience? Your content does not have to original in order for people to like it, so you don’t have to worry being called a ‘copycat’. As long as you don’t infringe any copyright laws, you’re good to go! For example, how many pop singers with the same type of music in the music industry you see today? Exactly!

What you need to do, is to create good content so good people would rather looking at your content despite having similarities with your competitors.

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You can learn on how to be charismatic by looking at the examples of Gary Vaynerchuk, Barack Obama, Oprah, and any other influential individuals. But, just looking at examples all day without actual training definitely won’t cut it. Being charismatic isn’t something you can obtain by just watching speeches over and over. To obtain this, you’ll need to practice talking in public very often. One of the good ways to find yourself a supportive public is by joining communities or organizations.



Good copywriting will help you expose your name, obviously in a good way. Copywriting will be used on your social media bios, website, Facebook posts, Instagram captions, etc. Think this way: if your Instagram posts were filled with improper and unprofessional looking captions, would people still perceive you the way they do usually?

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Being an influencer is definitely not as easy as it may looks; since it requires a several skills that obviously not everybody can easily obtain. Click here to find more articles about brand and branding!


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