Let’s Build A Personal Brand that Resonates Timelessly!

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Social networking sites are one of the tactics you, entrepreneurs can use to build your personal brand.

Everybody uses social networking lately, and you can use that chance to expand your brand. If done correctly, people will remember you and what you do for a long time. For the example, we all can take a look at Oprah. Even though her show got cancelled off in 2011, her name still resonates until today.

If you ask people randomly what comes to their mind when they think of Oprah, the answer would probably be ‘talk show’, ‘influencer’, etc. Why is that? The answer to that is because she was able to leave a mark into people’s minds back when she was more relevant. The mark she left wasn’t a bad mark either. The ‘Oprah Winfrey Show’ host will always be known as a revolutionary influencer.

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In this article, we’ll discuss on how to build a good online reputation for yourself so your personal brand would resonate to people timelessly.

Create distinctive content.


This one goes without saying and applies not only to your personal brand but also to literally every competition that demands innovation. Originality is must if you want to stand out from your competitors. Back then, when internet wasn’t as popular as TV, people need to go to auditions on TV stations in order to be an influencer like Oprah.

But now, you can use internet to gain audience. Online platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. are free to use, and you can express yourself there! The only problem is, you need to find out yourself why your audience should see you rather than seeing another influencer. Now you can explore your originality with ease!

Be a pioneer.


Image source: Mashable

TheFineBros on YouTube is one of the most subscribed channels on the platform, and they are mainly known as reactors. In YouTube, however, there are tons of ‘reaction’ based videos, and no channel has been able to get to TheFineBros’ level of quality when it comes to reaction videos. TheFineBros are always able to pioneer the ‘reaction’ idea, making them the most visited and subscribed ‘reaction’ channel on YouTube. People always generate ideas, and we can’t blame people for having the same idea, so the thing you should do is to pioneer the idea, unless they blatantly steal it from you.

Engage with your audience.


Image source: Daily Mail

The next step on becoming an influencer that stands out is to create an engagement between you and your audience using social network platforms or even events like meet and greet. Nicki Minaj, despite her tight schedule, has always been able to communicate with her audience. On May this year, the female rapper showed people that she cares about her fans by offering scholarships to her fans with 4.0 GPA on their school. This gained her even more loyal audience, which helps her to build her a stronger personal brand of Nicki.

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