Applying the IKEA way of Becoming a Millionaire

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“Old but gold.”

Old, vintage furniture are being auctioned by IKEA for thousands of dollars, making their already world-known name even more famous auction-wise. IKEA can sell their furniture for $65.000 apiece, a huge number for a sole armchair, multiplying the price for more than ten times the original price. Not only that, a set of bookshelves and cabinets recently sold for nearly $4.000.

The enormous prices the auctioneers paid are based not only on the brand name IKEA held, but also the quality of the materials used on the furniture, not to mention the designers of the furniture are world famous. The furniture is also made in a limited quantity, making it rarer and pricier.


“Unlike many of their items today, Ikea’s older products were made very well and had stood the test of time,” said Pontus Silfverstolpe, co-founder of one of the online auction sites that hold the IKEA vintage furniture sales, Barnes.

This makes the world-renowned Swedish brand hold another category that makes their products are selling rapidly: high quality. As a side note, IKEA is best known for their home-wares for being incredibly simplistic but useful, modern, relatively cheap and strong. And now, they’re adding another category for themselves: high quality.

The upper of IKEA evidently took the huge risk of paying famous designers to create the furniture, but the risk they took seems to be paid off. 65.000 bucks for a piece of wood meant to sit on every day shows us how important it is to devote yourself to your work entirely, making it as high-quality as possible.

But since the items that are being sold for huge amount of money are vintages, it is also possible that they didn’t expect the items to be sold at those numbers. The old furniture is made in the 90’s; it’s possible that they would have never expected that their furniture that is meant to be sold in the 90’s are getting recognition 20 or even 30 years later.

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