Avoid These Things to Build a Great Personal Branding

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“Your personal brand is a promise to your clients… a promise of quality, consistency, competency, and reliability.” – Jason Hartman

Having a strong personal brand is a must in 2018 for those who want to grow their company significantly.

Personal branding means that we market our story, our journey, our career as a brands. The main aim of personal brand is to elevate our products’ brand or image, so customer can recognize our products and business. This marketing strategy can be used to win business competition especially if we have similar products to other business.

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To build a great personal brand, there are several things that should be avoided by business owners:

Tell lies

Great story of our life or our business always inspire others, but one should never create lies or fake stories at any circumstances. Lying is never a good solution, though amazing stories could be made by lying, it will definitely come back to those who lie. Be honest, that way people will surely love and trust you more.

Overpromising while underachieving

Customer likes to hear great stories, however great stories themselves won’t be able to do wonders. Thus, you should learn how to achieve as much as you promise to your customers. For example, you can try to involve in various positive activities like social events or arrange positive activity that makes impact on our environment. Every time a business owner deliver crazy promises while can’t achieve anything, customer will become easily disappointed and eventually turn their backs from you.

Bad communication

Communication is one of key factors in having a business success. Business owners who don’t have good communication skills are guaranteed to fail in making a good personal brand. Learning to communicate better is essential for business owners to gain customer trust and create positive brand of their personal and their business.

Not being yourself

In the personal brand, there is a word “personal” that means ourselves, not others. Therefore in order to create great personal brand, it is better to be yourself and become the best version of yourself. Not being yourself or try to act like someone else will make us less comfortable with ourselves and difficult to grow our business.


If we want to get respect from others, we have to respect others too. Respecting others will create good connection with business partners, with our employee and also with our customer. They will see and know us as a good person and good manner business owner. Not only that, by being respectful, you will learn how to deal with different mindset and personalities.

Personal branding is a must-have marketing strategy that should be applied by business owners and entrepreneurs in 2018 to ensure business success. Now that information can easily be obtained through the internet, personal branding can be built more easily using social media.

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