How To Build Your Personal Branding?

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“Personal branding is the art of becoming knowable, likable and trustable.” – John Jantsch

When we hear about “brand”, we will think about business, because brand is an essential element for business. For example, if we talk about personal branding, the definition is a practice of people marketing themselves, their journey, their story and their careers as brands.

This marketing strategy often use by people who rely on their business on their personal image, such as Motivator, Public Relation person, Actress and Actor.

But nowadays, personal brand has become one of marketing strategy that can be used by any kind of business, because sometimes customers are attracted to the products that is marketed by attractive people.

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Building great personal brand is not easy, it takes time and consistent effort. Here are some ways that you can use to build your personal brand.

Know Yourself And Understand Your Value


The most difficult and challenging matter on personal brand building is getting to know ourselves. It is not only know about who we are, but it is about knowing our passion, our capability, our strength, our weaknesses, our vision, and our value. By knowing ourselves, we can build our brand based on our uniqueness that makes other people easily recognize and remember ourselves as someone who has certain image that differ from someone else.

Create Your Profile And Story


After knowing ourselves well, the next step is to create a profile and a story. Creating a profile can be started by showing our identity then continue with our capability and our strength also our story. Make good stories about our life but do not make any lie in it. If you think that you do not have any attractive story, learn how to tell an ordinary story with extraordinary ways and inspire others.

Show Strengths And Competencies


When people are attracted with our story, they also want to see if we have the same capability just like our story. So, just show your strengths, competencies, and capability. For example, if you said that you can play a guitar, just show it to your audiences that you can actually play a song with a guitar. If you tell your customer that you can make a delicious meal, prove it to them by cooking and letting them taste our dish.

The main key to build great personal branding is consistency in the process and don’t forget to be well-engaged with our customer or audiences, so we can introduce our image and our personal brand. Just be patient with the process and keep doing good work to build customer’s trust.

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