Brand Strategy And What it Does to Brands

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“If people believe they share values with a company, they will stay loyal to the brand.” – Howard Schultz

For years, people have mistakenly thought a company’s logo as its brand. However, a logo is not a brand; it is one of the factors that create a company’s brand. Brand is not only about a company logo that is being placed everywhere. Logo, name, slogan, customers, employers, employees, products — everything that is related to a company is the company’s brand.

To create a strong brand that stays relevant for a long time, companies need to realize that they need to create a brand strategy — a long term plan on how to achieve the company’s business goals. Without any plans or strategy, a brand will never stay relevant in the world where everyone is selling – the marketing world. Every business’ purpose is to generate sales and increase revenue. Thus, staying relevant and making people become aware of your brand should be prioritized.

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One of the main purposes of creating a brand strategy is to create trust to the company’s customers. Could you imagine seeing a brand that nobody can trust? This is where a corporate identity does its work. A corporate identity consists of brand name, logo, design, jingle, motto, slogan, etc., all with the purpose to create the identity of a brand. When creating a corporate identity, ask yourself these questions; “What do people think when they see my brand? Does this corporate identity picture my brand well?”.

Brand strategy can only be made when the company have determined what goals and purposes to achieve. Set some goals that your company intend to achieve such as increasing brand awarenessincreasing the production, increasing revenues, etc. so that a specific brand strategy can be implemented. When creating brand strategy, however, always remember that your brand’s ultimate purpose is to generate more sales and increase revenues, so do bear in mind not to do something that can hurt your brand’s reputation and name.

To help you create a better strategy, engage with your customers. Ask them what they think about your brand. That way, you can find out what your customers like and don’t like about your brand. This will help you create the right brand strategy that fits your brand’s personality and approach.

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Still unsure if you could create a strong brand strategy that can help your brand strive in today’s market? We are here to help you! Contact us here to find out the most suitable brand strategy for your brand.


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