Brand Story as a New Approach to Introduce Your Product

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Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today.” —Robert McKee 

You are probably familiar with brand logo, name, and design that are available in almost every corner of a busy neighborhood. Some of the brands might stand out of the rest because the design is eye-catching and easy to understand. And oftentimes, people ignore the presence of paper advertisement on the road that makes paper based brand advertisement become less effective. Nowadays, people like to buy something when they have a concrete idea about the product; and sometimes it can’t be delivered in one single paper.

Brand storytelling becomes the major instrument to deliver these concrete idea to the consumer, because it is not only deliver the idea about what the product is but it can also deliver assumptions about why you need to buy the product.

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Brand storytelling is usually written or published within the company website while the creative writing write down a story about the product’s background in order to gain the consumer attention. The story can also be written by the consumer who have experienced in using the products in form of personal testimony to give value to the products. Brand storytelling might be effective in sending the overall ideas about the product of the company, however if done mistakenly, it could turn into something that harms the brand.

To avoid that, you need to maintain the truthfulness of the story; the story should not be a makeup lies to fool the consumers. When you lie about the product, the feedback story from the consumer will be the one who ruin the image of the product and brand. The story itself should be in concrete plot, it should have introduction, rising action, climax, falling action and conclusion. Without brand story, your market will think that your brand doesn’t have life or eagerness in promoting the product.

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