Walt Disney: a Story Telling Which Tells Your Brand

5 Mins

As we talked about the important roles that the brand held in arts and entertainment industries. Now, we are going to discuss how a brand can give a great influence towards a theme park. Brand knowledge which having two components – brand awareness and brand image have a large effect on marketing. That is to say, the brand has a role towards the success of your theme park.

There are two things that affect the success of your theme park i.e. the quality of creative content and how a storytelling can be delivered. The Walt Disney Company as the example, as one of the popular theme park among children both adults. The worker understand the storytelling since they have a clear objective grasp. It makes the consumer interested in hearing the story that performed by the worker. The story of the popular movie can also entice consumers to come and purchase the ticket. Producing great experiences is the commitment to create the quality of creative contents. It means included high-quality standards across all product categories.

So, if you’re a theme park marketer, one of the things that are important is to focus on the story in all products that represents your brand.


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