Branding and Marketing – How Do They Differ?

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A lot of people falsely consider branding and marketing as one same thing, despite the difference in the word. The misconception between branding and marketing often confuses people – and the common question you’ll hear about it would probably sound like, “Branding? Isn’t it the same thing with marketing?”

Although different, branding and marketing are related to each other. Brands need marketers to promote the brand, and the marketers need to look for brands to promote.

Let’s picture branding as a singer that looks for fans and listeners. The singer apparently needs the audience and good responses from a lot of people to keep on creating music. The singer should focus on keep creating music, and this is where marketing takes place. Marketing acts as a record label that helps the singer get the attention he/she needs. The record label will be the one who takes care of everything that concerns the singer’s needs to gain the audience.

While marketers help brands gain as much audience or customers as possible, the brand itself will be the one that decides whether it is worthy or not to have loyal customers. In other words, a brand must find itself a reason for the customers to keep on buying the product they produce. Marketers can promote the brand as the best brand ever, telling every different kind of good things the brand has, but in the end, the brand itself will be the one to prove that they are exactly as good or even better than the marketers say, or simply, worthy in the customers’ eyes.

To simply generalize it, a brand is what you are, while marketing is the process to promote yourself. These two connects to each other but different, like the sun and the moon. Branding, on the other hand, is the process to create image or perception about a brand (may it be a product, a person or organization) to the consumers’ eyes.

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