Burger King’s Ad Will Force Your Google Home to Advertise

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“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.” – Jimmy Johnson

We live in a society that has various ways to be outstanding. Why? Because being an outstanding can distinguish you from others easily and memorable.

It’s like you are wearing pajamas to the mall, which makes you becoming a weirdo but people put attention to it at the same time. Advertising should be unique and easy to remember. Not remembered in a weird way of course, but giving an advertisement that can persuade people to remember, purchase and use your brand.

That is what Burger King is trying to do with their advertisement that released recently. They make 15 second’s Burger King Ad that becomes so viral within days because they force Google Home to advertise their signature burger based on Wikipedia. This video is so unique since it can surprise you suddenly, you can watch it here.

Burger King-BK-Dreambox-Indonesia-Brand-Agency

Even though it’s an excellent ad, it turns out that most of the people annoyed by it. That’s because their Google Home starts to response every time there’s a Burger King’s Ad. Well, it is an ingenious idea to increase brand awareness. People can listen to it directly about ‘What is the Whopper Burger?” and get to hear about the ingredients that they’re using.

Another problem is not only it is annoying for certain people, but also they’re using Wikipedia as the sources to explain all about their signature burger. As all we know, Wikipedia is a website that allows everyone to edit the content. Which means, anyone can put any content about Whopper Burger weather right or wrong explanation about their signature burger and can be listened by everyone. It can be dangerous for their brand image in the future.

It is necessary to change their brand strategy to maintain their brand image in the future through a well-planned ad. It is still a great ad after all since they can improve their brand awareness. If you are dealing with the same issue such as “How to create a well-planned ad?” We are here to help you solve that problem!

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