How To Choose Social Media Platform To Develop Brand

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“Social media is not a media. The key is to listen, engage, and build relationships.” – David Alston

Social media has become an essential part of our modern lifestyle. There are possibly hundreds or even thousands of social medias all around us. Each social media have its own specialties and characteristics that make them differ from one to another. Some of the social media in question are as follows, but not limited to; YouTube with video, Twitter with text, and Instagram with picture.

The differences affected them, like special audiences or users for each of the social media. By that, you would need special marketing approach. Not every approach will be suitable for your branding strategy. Some of them will be useful, others would be just wasting time. It is so important for you to choose the right approach so that you could optimize your institution or personal branding development.

The Biggest One

In order for you to reach more people, that opportunity will be bigger by choosing the biggest social mediaFacebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube have millions users. That’s why big companies on earth have official social media account with large number of user, particularly Facebook. Some of them even reached thousands of people following. A lot of people will be noticing everything those companies post.

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The Suitable One

In Asia, the popularity of some social media is different with social media that people in North America continent use. Some of them is very common in Europe, while only a handful of people in Africa will even know that social media. The reason is even though they look same, the images shared within those social media are not. Some are suitable for business, while others suitable for connectivity only.

You should also choose the right social media that suitable for your purposes. For example, if you so wish to develop your brand in Europe, then chooses social media that are popular in Europe. In other case, you choose social media that suitable and popular with millennial if you want younger people to recognize your brand.

The Most Familiar One

Big companies usually hired people with specialty in increasing their branding by social media. They could also have consultants to give them guidance to develop strategy for their image. Still, there are different obstacle regarding resource on managing social media that they should handle. Usually, they opted to use the most familiar social media. Elementary mistakes that often happen when using unfamiliar social media will dismiss when they use a familiar one.

Another benefits you would gain are the increase of efficiencies and effectiveness of the social medias. You’d able to utilize it to the maximum capabilities for your brand. While using these familiar social media is good, you need to learning and have a better understanding of other social media that would cause a greater impacts for branding development. Remember, social media platforms are always changing and growing.

In conclusion, social media without doubt will help your brand develop. There are few possible ways for social media would be effective for building your brand’s image. Also, always on the look out for new and better social media that offer better results for your brand.

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