The Correlation Between Marketing and A Strong Brand

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Previously, we discussed the key of a strong brand. A simple review of the basic step that you need to remember is the delight of consumer experience from a product. The product is the reflection of a brand. It indicates that a brand needs to overlook the details to create an amazing experience for the consumer.

A strong brand will require less cost for consumer’s persuasion. In marketing, basic law is that to create a significant impact with less amount of cost which is great for publicity. When a company launches a new product through the social media and billboard will be enough as the advertisement. People will talk and purchase your product, because of the experience and trust that built on your reputation in years. So, eventually, the consumer will recognize new products in the marketplace.

For the marketers, a strong brand can also attract a lot of merchandising contracts that lead to significant advantages. The profit of a strong brand comes because of the leads to the perception of the best quality.  P&G Company as the example, they launched Style Factor in 2011. It was inspired by Yahoo’s Shine in the United State, which dedicated and helps the woman in Indonesia to gain information about international celebrity news, fashion, hair care, skincare, and makeup. The collaboration between the two big business happened because P&G as the strong companies able to attract others to work together.

A strong brand has two core elements – emotional and practical value. If marketers can use this element in a right way, it is beneficial for the companies invariant aspects. But a brand can be damaged in a second with bad customer services and several irresponsible behaviors from the company.

Look at the details and make it steady with the right marketing and your business will get stronger.


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