Desigining Your Brand’s Packaging Can Attract Customers, Too!

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You can attract customers just by creating a package design.

This time, we are going to discuss about another integral part of product development and launch, which is package design. As time goes, package design has evolved so many times, helping marketers to entice their customers. It is even said that package design is originally created arbitrarily by their creators. Some say that Campbell’s famous soup decided to use the color red and white because an executive at the company liked the Cornell University’s football team’s red and white uniforms and convinced the company to use the color, for example.

Not only to entice customers, but these days, marketers can utilize the use of package design to meet the marketing objective for a brand. A brand can consult to a marketer to help them decide which aspects should be dominant in their package—whether the brand name, illustration, logo, or even color—and how the aspects should relate to each other. To do so, marketers will need a help from graphic designers. Marketers tend to work together with designers to create a design for a brand. Marketers will think for a design that suits the brand without losing its identity, while the designers applies their thinking into a design.

There are a lot of aspects to be considered when creating a brand design, and designers often think of the ‘shelf impact’ when creating a package design. Shelf impact is what kind of image customers will create when looking at the brand on stores, or the first impression of customers after looking at the brand. ‘The bigger, the better’ term can’t be used when creating a package design, because creating an appealing design isn’t as simple as that. Creativity is extremely needed to create an interesting design. Some big companies even deliberately tiled graphical element of their brand packaging to help themselves stand out from other brands.

In creating a package design, color is utterly crucial for a brand to stand out. But, there are several colors for a brand to be aware of in order to differentiate themselves, so they wouldn’t be associated with existing brands. Here are some color palettes designers should be aware of:

Red: Pepsodent toothpaste, Coca-Cola soft drinks, Ritz Crackers,
Green: Starbucks Coffee, Heineken Beer, 7UP lime soft drinks,
Yellow: Lipton’s Tea, IKEA retailers, McDonald’s restaurants,
Blue: Ford Automobiles, Pepsi Cola soft drinks, etc.

You can create your brand package design as you will, but package design is definitely subject to legal requirements, such as nutrition information, Halal logo (Indonesia) and such. Then again, package design can help a brand to affect the customers’ perception about the brand, and it can help a brand to increase the sales, as well.


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