Do Anyone Ever Tell You About Brand Judgement?

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Answer this fast, what is the first word that you can think about Nike?

Shoes? Sporty? Well, the first words that appear in your mind are something based on your previous experience towards Nike and according to their brand performance which is called brand judgment.

Brand judgment according to Kevin Lane Keller is the result of customer’s opinion which they also make a comparison with other brands performance and imagery association.

Well, as a businessman I believe that you know how important customer in running a company. The customer’s judgment can be listed down into four particularly important types:

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    Brand Quality

    Brand attitudes can lead to brand choice since people tend to purchase a product or services by receiving satisfaction towards a brand and evaluate the overall of a brand. Hilton hotels as an example, customer’s attitude towards the hotel is based on how much he or she believe that the hotel gives the best service like a strategic location, food, bed, etc. The quality that Hilton hotel’s offer to the customer makes he or she satisfy with their choice to stay at Hilton hotel.

  2. Brand Credibility
    Sometimes not only the brand that customer judge, but they also judge based on company or organization’s image and reputation. Whether the company or organization is seen as competent, innovative, dependable, fun and a market leader (brand expertise). These affect how much the customer will trust a brand which can be shown through the increases in sales.

  3. Brand Consideration
    Brand attitudes and perceptions are important, but it is still not crucial enough if customers not consider to purchase or use your brand. No matter how much credible and excellent quality that was offered, if there is no consideration between customers and the brand, they will just keep the brand from afar and never embrace it.

  4. Brand Superiority
    Superiority measures the extent of your brand than the others. Do your customers believe that you give more advantages and solve the problem better than the other brands? It is crucial since superiority can build intense and active relationships with the customers.

Brand judgment is essential to be learned to know customer needs and wants, and that’s why it is important to understand the customer’s judgment that we listed down already into four important types.


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