Why Is Everyone Using the Color Blue?

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Would probably be the question people ask after seeing so many social media sites using the color blue as their logo. Social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Skype and many other sites are using the color blue as their logo. You might think the reason behind it is because the brand lacks creativity, too lazy to look for a graphic designer, or even you might believe that they are just trying to copy Facebook’s logo!

Well, it’s not true. Psychology highly influences the brands’ decision on choosing the color blue. Color is one of the most important factors that determine the quality of a logo. A logo can help a brand build a good first impression on their customers. First impressions are important because it is one of the factors that make people want to buy the product or not.

And here are the reasons why many social media sites use the color blue in their logo:

1. Human finds it harder to perceive the color blue than red and green.

Since blue is the hardest to understand by human eyes compared to other colors, many designers use it as an opportunity to ‘highlight’ what they’re trying to show to people. Facebook, Tumblr, and Skype use the color blue as the base of the logo and white for the text, to highlight the name because white is easier to be perceived than blue.

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2. The color blue is often associated with calmness.

Also, the color is very ‘welcoming’. Your eyes won’t get hurt after seeing the color blue from monitor for a long time, but your eyes will if you use bright colors like pink or bright red. So, websites use the color blue, so the visitors’ eyes won’t get hurt after seeing the website for a long time.

3. The color blue can be perceived and distinguished by most color blind people.

With the color blue, color blind people can at least know that they see the color blue, and they appreciate websites and brands that use the color blue.

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Then, how does a brand expect to distinguish itself from any other brands when they’re using the same color for the logo?

The answer to it is that the brand uses a particular symbol or words that can help people refer to the brand instantly after just having a glance. Skype and Twitter logos are similar in color, but it is easy to tell apart which is which because Twitter uses a bird in their logo Meanwhile Skype uses the first letter ‘S’ for their logo.

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