How Did Fidget Spinners Become So Popular These Days?

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A fidget spinner is a stress-relieving toy that originally designed to help people that have ADHD, autism or anxiety to help them release the nervous energy. The toy originated in 1990, but became so popular recently, without having fidget spinner producers to advertise or promote them. Regarding importance, fidget spinners aren’t highly needed product compared to food or clothes, and it’s more of a hobby product. Then, how did it become so famous?

Video sharing website, Youtube is one of the reasons why those toys became so popular. Youtube has 30 million visitors per day, and as of the time this article is being written, there are already about 6,970,000 videos uploaded mentioning fidget spinners. Also, all 20 videos on the first page of Youtube search of fidget spinners already have more than a million views!

Word-of-mouth could also be the reason why it became so viral. You can find the fidget spinners almost everywhere! People are constantly talking about them on parties, family meetings or even at the office while spinning them on their hands, creating knowledge towards the product. Without realizing it, whether you hate the spinners or not, those toys are one of the hottest topics to discuss lately.

Every fidget spinner producers are having their time of their lives. Before 2017, fidget spinners are solely known as a fidgeting toy, and it wasn’t that popular. But now, it is one of the must-have products of society, resulting in the high increase in sales of fidget spinners. Who would’ve thought that a simple, small toy that does nothing but spin could be so popular amongst every different kind of people from various kind of places?

Indirect advertising from high-traffic websites such as Youtube is proven effective, as seen by how a fidgeting toy could be so popular. The toys are accepted by the society, making them a trend. Just imagine a brand that creates a useful and original product, being promoted on a free website like Youtube getting recognition; it would be so cool to see!

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